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Resin tungsten

Features: It is a hard-to-harden, plastic material, which combines the high specific gravity of tungsten with the flexibility and viscosity of the resin. Mainly reflected in the properties of arbitrary shape, viscosity, environmental protection, hydrophobicity and high density. The density of resin tungsten is generally 10g / cm3 ~ 12g / cm3, second only to the density of lead (11.3g / cm3), which can be used as a weight product. Resin tungsten’s viscosity and water resistance make it widely used in fishing gear. Only a little tungsten mud is needed to balance the fishing hook and increase the weight of the fishing hook.Another name: Tungsten mud

Main uses: product counterweights and fishing sinkers.

Resin tungsten state: Resin tungsten has a fixed shape at normal temperature, and will gradually soften as the temperature rises. Like plasticine, it can be kneaded to change its shape. Therefore, it is also called tungsten mud, which is usually gray-black.

The advantages of resin tungsten over lead are:

  1. The density is higher than that of lead, and it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, meeting national environmental protection requirements.
  2. Strong plasticity, can be kneaded into any size and shape you need.
  3. Waterproof and sticky, can be reused.
  4. Resin tungsten is corrosion resistant and can be used in various waters.

Resin tungsten storage:

At normal temperature, the shape of the solid will change correspondingly under the effect of external force, and the surface will appear shiny. Resin tungsten is not suitable for storage in the open air. Resin tungsten is easily dried and dehydrated in the air to cause cracks and finally harden. Therefore, resin tungsten is generally stored in a closed space, and the temperature is not easy to be too high. After use, the resin tungsten may contain a lot of impurities, so it is best to store it separately from the unused, so as to ensure the purity of the resin tungsten. Resin tungsten should be kept away from children to avoid accidental eating.

Note: Resin tungsten is a healthy and environmentally friendly emerging product. It does not contain harmful ingredients and does not cause environmental pollution. It has a long service life. Because this product is often used in children’s toys, children should be prevented from swallowing it during use, and hands should be washed after handling. Resin tungsten should be stored together with food to prevent accidental eating, and away from children’s reach. When using resin tungsten, be sure to be accompanied by an adult to prevent accidents. If a child is found to swallow, prompt the child to vomit, and if necessary, take them to the hospital immediately.

Three colors currently available: black, brown and green.

There are two kinds of weights: 20 grams and 15 grams, 20 grams are square, 15 grams are round, and they are also produced according to customer’s requirements.

Resin tungsten compare with lead:

Resin tungsten has a large specific proportion;
Resin tungsten does not hurt the fishing line;
Resin tungsten is environmentally friendly and pollution-free; it will not cause harm to contacts;
Resin tungsten has higher plasticity and is more convenient to use;
Due to its deformability, the resin tungsten can greatly reduce the probability of hanging the bottom and better protect the fishing tackle.

The tungsten mud is pinched on the fishhook for quick adjustment


Take a small piece of resin tungsten, knead it into a small ball and stick it to the fishing line, it can be used as a fishing pendant


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