Tungsten Carbide Rods

The Tungsten Carbide Rods(also named as Cemented Carbide Rods), are used in making high quality carbide cutting tools for the machining of heat-resistant alloys and Ti alloy, such as end mill, drill, reamer.

1. Grade: ISO K05-K40
2. Dia: 2mm-50mm;  Length: Standard or customized

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Ground Tungsten Carbide Rod

H6 Precision Ground Tungsten Carbide Rod

tungsten carbide rod blanks

Unground Tungsten Carbide Rods Blanks

Grade properties

Grade Grain Size of Wc Content of Co Density Hardness TRS(/MPa)
CF12 0.6μm 12% 14.1g/cm³ HRA92~92.5 3800
CF10 0.8μm 10% 14.4g/cm³ HRA91.5~92 3600
CFK3 0.8-1.0μm 13% 14.06g/cm³ HRA90.5-91 3600
F7 1.0μm 15% 13.85g/cm³ 89-89.5 3800
CF6UF 0.4μm 6% 14.85g/cm³ HRA94 3800
CF8UF 0.4μm 8% 14.6g/cm³ HRA93.2 3800

Grade Applications

Grade Application Recommendation
CF12 For processing titanium alloy, heat resistant alloy, stainless steel, hardened steel, grey cast iron, glass fiber reinforced plastics, composite materials, etc.
CF10 For processing plain steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, nickel base
and titanium alloy etc. Recommended for twist drills, end mills, taps, etc.
CFK3 It’s suitable for mandrel, Wear resistant parts, rod for mold etc.
CF6UF Suitable for processing aluminum-magnesium alloys, glass fiber, carbon fiber, wood, harden plastic etc, for making PCB micro tools and drills of other material
CF8UF Suitable for processing glass fiber, wood, titanium alloy, stainless steel, copper-aluminum alloy etc. For making drill, end mill, graver and micro-drill with diameter less than 0.8mm used for machining of PCB.

How does Tungsten Carbide Rods Manufacture

Wet Milling

We use Fine and Ultra Fine grain size of tungsten carbide powder. To control uniform grain size, wet milling is the first step.


Before extrusion, it shoud be dried and granulated. Extrusion is the main way to press long carbide rods like 300, 310,330mm. We manage diffrent diameter carbide rods with different extrusion machine to  improve production efficiency. We can manage diameter from 2-30mm.

HIP Sintering

Sintered under 6Mpa pressuer and 1400℃+ .

Every batch after sintered, we will analysis firstly. Coercive force, Hardness, TRS, Density, Metallographic. To ensure the carbide rods we send to customer is qualified.

Cutting to short

The sintered tungsten carbide rods is 300-330mm standard length, The auto cutting machine was needed to cut it to standard or nonstandard short carbide rods as required like 45mm, 50mm, 150mm long etc.

The next step is Precision Grinding, we plan to add grind machine to service customer.

Tolerance Grade

Diameter (mm) h5 h6 h7
0-3.0 0.004 0.006 0.01
3.001-6.0 0.005 0.008 0.012
6.001-10.0 0.006 0.009 0.015
10.001-17 0.008 0.011 0.018
18.001-30.0 0.009 0.013 0.021
30.001-50.0 0.011 0.016 0.025
Diameter (in.) h5 h6 h7
0-0.11811 0.00015 0.00024 0.00039
0.11812-0.23622 0.0002 0.00031 0.00047
0.23623-0.39370 0.00024 0.00035 0.00059
0.39371-0.70866 0.00031 0.00043 0.00071
0.90867-1.18110 0.00035 0.00051 0.00083
1.8111-1.96850 0.00043 0.00063 0.00098