Ganzhou CF Tungsten Co.,Ltd. was located in Ganzhou Jiangxi China, where known as the tungsten capital of the world, the biggest tungsten supplier in the world.

We are specialized in manufacturing high-performance cemented carbide rods, tungstate, W/Mo powder,  and other tungsten related products.

Based on abundant tungsten ore resource in Ganzhou, we have complete supply chain from APT (Ammonium Paratungstate) to tungsten carbide rods. Also,thanks to the local government policy support for tungsten industry. We have the advantage of offering you quality products with very competitive price.

CF Tungsten is becoming most dynamic private enterprise in the non-ferrous metals industry.

tungsten carbide rods

Tungsten Carbide Rods

tungsten carbide powder

Tungsten Carbide Powder

tungsten trioxide

Tungsten Trioxide