Tungten Granules


  • The appearance of tungsten granules is steel gray, and there must be no mechanical inclusions visible;
  • Available mesh size: 10-20mesh, 20-40mesh, 40-60mesh, 60-100mesh, 100-200mesh, it could be mixed according to your requests;
  • Purity and main impurities: W≥99.9%, C<0.001%, S<0.0007%,  O<0.05%.

Tungsten granules, are made by breaking pure tungsten parts into fine particles with a particle size of 10-200 mesh , so it is also called pure tungsten flux. Flux for medium and high frequency combustion, with good flux effect and very stable analysis results.

Production Process

High density pure tungsten parts→ Grushing→ Sieving→ Water Scrubbing→ Drying→ Restoring by H2→ Inspection

tungsten granule 10-20mesh

10-20 mesh

tungsten granule 20-40mesh

20-40 mesh

tungsten granule 100-200mesh

100-200 mesh