Ganzhou CF tungsten materials Co.,Ltd was located in Ganzhou Jiangxi, which well-know as the capital of tungsten in the world. We are specialized in manufacturing high-performance cemented carbide rods, tungsten/molybdenum powder and fabricated products. CF Tungsten is becoming most dynamic  private enterprise in the Non-ferrous metals industry.

CF tungsten was dedicated to explore the value of resources, honor our commitment for sustainable development, with heart of gratitude and respect, to pursue the harmony of nature and human-beings. We have been adhering to the” create-achieve, innovate-happy” philosophy, insist on innovation as the engine of company’s developing. The success of the company depend on the contribution of employees and support by win-win business situation of customers.

Look forward to the future, CF tungsten hope to make a better environment, economy, humanity for the society and create a better rewards for our customers, employees, and shareholders through its hard working.