Molybdenum Bar

Molybdenum Bar/Plate

Ganzhou CF Tungsten are located in Ganzhou City(know as tungsten capital of the world). We have complete control of Tungsten industrial supply chain, from tungsten ore to tungsten powder, to cemented carbide. We promise you quality products with very competitive price in the market.

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Grade classification

◆ Grade: Mo-1, Mo-2,
◆ Size: W×H×L
       Molybdenum bar:  (14-20)×(14-20)×(450-600)mm
       Molybdenum plate:  (14-18)×(40-60)×(150-180) mm
◆ Density: Mo-1≥9.8g/cm3
Grade Mo-1 Mo-2
Impurities(%max) Sb
W 0.0500
Fe 0.0060 0.0300
Si 0.0030 0.0100
Ca 0.0020 0.0100
Al 0.0020 0.0010
Mg 0.0010 0.0020
Ni 0.0030 0.0030
P 0.0010 0.0010
C 0.0100 0.0200
O 0.0050 0.0300
Application For Molybdenum alloys  For alloying agents

1) In iron drums of 250kgs net each.
2) Any special requirement to the products can be discussed.