HRC55 Tungsten Carbide End Milling Cutter

Product Name 2/4  flutes  Flattened solid carbide end mill cutter
Material Grade CF12  tungsten carbide rod
Flutes 2/3/4/6 
Hardness HRC55
Helix Angle  35° 
Coating  TiSiN、silicon titanium, Bronze
Applicable materials Die prehardened steel, Quendched Steel, alloy steel, tool steel etc
Feature Excellent chip evacuation, design for durable, high efficiency
HRC55 Carbide end milling cutter
carbide end milling cutter

High Efficiency, Long Service Life & Seismic Stability

Using grade CF12 HIP tungsten carbide rod with 12%Co. We controled  the production of supply chain from tungsten carbide powder- tungsten carbide rod- carbide end milling cutter, the consistence of performance will be better

Tungsten Carbide Rod Material

Grade Co WC grain size Hardness T.R.S
CF12 12% 0.6μm HRA 92.3 3800N/mm²

Sharp Cutting Edge

Both of the radial direction and the axial direction are sharp and large cutting angles.

Smooth Chip Removal Design

Excellent aseismic design makes the surface finish better