The tungsten market continues to heat up, following the substantial leap of tungsten price this Monday, the trend of the market yesterday is still unabated. At present the whole tungsten raw material related business like tungsten ore, smelter, trade-oriented have the discourse power of price. The tungsten concentrate transaction price has reached a new high. The APT price have rised more or stop to quote. Trading companies are basically buy more than sell.

Today, the tungsten prices continue to climb, the normal black tungsten ore offer $16,641/ton- $16,944/ton,  the average price rised $605/ton. White tungsten ore offer $16,338/ton- $16,641/ton, the average price rised $605/ton.  APT offer $25,718- $26,172/ton, the average price rised $756/ton. The middle size tungsten carbide powder offer $39- $39.8/kg, the average price rised $0.6/kg.

The recent price rise rapidly, under the pressure of tungsten concentrate tight supply. Tungsten concentrate holder having more willing to hold the goods, even a small amount of the transaction price is constantly ascribed. Yesterday, the black tungsten ore spot cash transaction price reached $17,322 /tons. At present, if there is a procurement plan, you must purchase at ahead of the market price, which has become one of the reasons for pulling the price of tungsten concentrate.

Yesterday APT market prices rose sharply, the mainstream smelter offer reached $26,475/ton on cash, msmelting enterprises stop to offer.

Comprehensive analysis: The raw materials were in shortage, the entire tungsten industry chain began to raise. Forecast, today’s APT spot trading prices continue upward, tungsten enterprises price adjustment behavior will occur at any time, there is a need to purchase the enterprise need to plan ahead.