Know more about tungsten supply chain

Tungsten Consentrate(55%-65%min WO3) → Ammonium Paratungstate(APT), Sodium Tungstate, Ammonium Metatungstate, Ferro Tungsten(FeW)

APT (heat up with H2 in Furnace)→ Tungsten Powder (airflow mill and Sieving)→ Tungsten Powder with certain particle size→Particle Size Analysis→ Mix with other particle size tungsten powder and sieving again →Lab inspection→issue COA→ User

APT→Yello Tungsten Oxide(YTO), Blue Tungsten Oxide(BTO)→ Tungsten Powder

Tungsten Powder (carbonization)→ Tungsten carbide powder

Tungsten powder→Hard Alloy such as copper&tungsten alloy

Tungsten Carbide Powder + Cobalt powder  →Read to Press Powder(RTP)→Cemented Carbide

Cemented Carbide →Rods, Mining Tips, Dies, Wear Parts etc.