Uses of tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide is a chemical compound produced by the reaction of carbon and tungsten metal. It contains equal parts of carbon and tungsten metal. This metal is used in many different industries due to its ability to withstand high temperatures and unmatchable strength.
Tungsten carbide is a highly dependable material. It does not get worn off so easily like other metals. Moreover, its strength and durability are what makes tungsten carbide the first choice among industries.
About Tungsten Carbide Powder
You can find tungsten carbide in a fine grey powder. The texture of the powder can range from micrograin, fine, medium to ultra course. This powder is developed to provide pure and uniform size distribution of the compound required by the manufacturers of tungsten carbide products. It can be easily compressed into different types of shapes.Where all Tungsten carbide is used?
·         This metal can be used to build nozzles, circuit board drills and end mills.
·         In the manufacture of inserts and cutting tools.
·         In construction industry for the production of energy drilling tools, mining tools, wear and die parts etc.
·         Tungsten carbide is an effective neutron reflector too. It was used in investigations into nuclear chain reactions for weapons in earlier times.
·         Recently, the use of tungsten carbide has expanded in the manufacture of jewellery items such as wedding rings.
·         It is also used in the construction of trekking poles required by hikers.

Though tungsten carbide is mostly used in cutting and metal forming tools, its usage is spreading to other domains as well. It would not be a surprise to see tungsten carbide giving a stiff competition to well-known metals names such as titanium and gold.
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